What makes Inflatabooth different to other photo booth companies?

Our camera in each booth is a Canon DSLR which produces high quality photos and is a must-have for photographers.

The Inflatabooth range (black or white) brings something different to your event with its inflatable feature glowing any colour you wish - a little decorative feature for your event.

The Inflatabooth is also big enough to easily fit 8-20 people unlike other smaller photo booths! Now you can get those amazing group shots without having to get a friend to take it!


We have just introduced the Inflatawall to our collection, which has the same inflatable and glowing feature as the Inflatabooth, yet caters for smaller functions as a wall backdrop - it comes only in white and we are yet to see another in Perth, Australia!

We also cater for much smaller functions with limited space, as we have brought back the basic set up of a camera and simple yet elegant curtain backdrop - the Open Style booth!

What coloured lights does the Inflatabooth and the Inflatawall glow?

There are a variety of colours, such as: blue, green, white, red, purple. Each LED light can be programmed to change colours or stay on the one colour. You can also change the speed of light change which can be chosen by you.

What are the dimensions of the each booth?

Inflatabooth: L 3m x W 3m x H 2.5m

Inflatawall: L 3m x W 3m (can be reduced to fit smaller space as this is the space between camera and wall) x H 2.5m

Open Style: 1.5m - 2.5m (space in between the curtain and the camera)

Are the booths waterproof?

Unfortunately, our collection of booths are not waterproof, but we will endeavour to make things work if your venue is situated outside and poor weather conditions are expected.

Can our photo booth services travel to areas outside the metropolitan Perth area?

Yes, Inflatabooth can travel outside the Perth metro areas, however, we will have to factor in transport costs into the quote.

Is it pick-up or delivery for the Inflatabooth service?

Delivery, we will always deliver the booth to ensure a perfect set up.

Does Inflatabooth provide a booth attendant?

Yes, we provide at least one booth attendant who will be present for the entire service to ensure the service runs smoothly. However, the Open Style booth and Inflatawall does not always need a booth attendant which can be discussed with the Inflatabooth team at the time of the booking.